April 18, 2012

God's Work, God's Timing

I was interested to see an interview with the author of this book about Christianity in China, as my grandparents were missionaries there, with Grandad serving from 1933 until 1951 when they were kicked out by the new Mao regime.

One sentence from the interview leapt out at me: "From what I have seen so far, today's rapid Christian growth, most of which is happening in China's rural areas, is the direct or indirect result of the work of Western missionaries in the pre-Mao era."

What a wonderful example of God's timing not being ours. Grandad has been in glory for 11 years and Grandma for 17, and NOW we find out that the explosion in the Chinese church has come about because many humble, faithful servants such as them laboured and loved 60+ years ago.

It's also a reminder we are called to faithfulness, not numerical fruitfulness - it's the Lord's work, and He will bring in His harvest at just the right time.

"If Christ be glorified, then I am satisfied." (Grandad's motto)